Many people were delighted by the prospect of a crematorium at Poundstock, making cremations much easier for bereaved families than the current long journey to Bodmin or Barnstaple provides. Equally, many who lived or had business interests in Poundstock were appalled by the idea and opposed the planning application. Either way, the proposal was controversial.

Cornwall Council passed the application (7-4 votes) on 19th December 2022, but it has since been challenged in the courts at a Judicial Review, a long and expensive process.

Sir Duncan Ouseley, High Court Judge, has, on 4th October, ruled against Cornwall Council and the Atlantic View Crematorium Consortium and pro the claimants Gemma Watton (who owns holiday lets) and Jonathan Cameron, a local resident.

The Judge criticised Cornwall Council’s planning advice. You can read the full judgement here.

Richard Kimblin KC explains the legalities here.

The BBC has reported that Cornwall Council will not be challenging the decision, and that it is expected to have to pay £70,000 in court costs.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: “The matter was subject to a High Court challenge and, whilst the council is disappointed with the outcome, at this stage we accept the court’s judgement as it is not in the public interest to challenge the matter further.”