If you’re looking to try something new this autumn and winter, now that the weather has decidedly turned, then why not try yoga?

Yoga has many health benefits and is as good for the body as it is the mind. It comes from the word ‘union’ and has been practised for thousands of years, originating in India.

There are many forms of yoga with Hatha being the most well-known in the Western World. 

Village Yoga was founded by Natasha Harding in 2006 after she qualified with the Yoga Alliance. 

Since humble beginnings, Natasha now teaches many people a week, specialising in yoga for adults and pregnancy yoga. 

Natasha is passionate about yoga and the many benefits that a regular practice can have upon the individual. 

If you’ve often toyed with the idea of having a go but are not sure it’s for you then try a class and see if you like it.

Natasha’s classes are flexible and operate on a pay-as-you attend basis.

“I’d like to bring yoga to the masses,” Natasha says, “I love it when my students tell me that they get their best night sleep after one of my classes, or that that knee injury they’ve had for years is suddenly better.

“There is often the assumption that only young, flexible people can do yoga – but it’s not true.

“Yoga is for everyone and can be enjoyed by all – and you will see an improvement in your strength and flexibility after only a couple of weeks.

“I went to my first class when I was a fit, agile 21-year-old and loved it immediately. 

“Now as a 40 something mum-of-two, my life and body are very different and yet I still love it as much as ever – and get so much out of it. 

“As time continues, and with regular practice, you may start to feel better in yourself and some of those chronic aches and pains might well disappear.”

In addition to teaching yoga and running yoga retreats and workshops, Natasha is a freelance journalist, has written two books, From Bump to Baby and YogaMamma – and has created some children’s yoga apps.

If you’d like further details then contact Natasha at thevillageyoga.co.uk or 07766 717398

She hopes to see you in the future.

Here are Natasha’s class details

Monday @ 10.00am – Hatha Yoga @ The Venue, Bude

Monday @ 8.00pm – Hatha Yoga via Zoom

Tuesday @ 10.00am – Hatha Yoga via Zoom

Friday @ 10.00am – Hatha Yoga via Zoom 

The focus of each class is to improve strength and flexibility and to learn some simple relaxation techniques. 

All levels are welcomed to each session and will be adapted accordingly. 



It improves strength, balance and flexibility.

It will improve your posture – in fact, some people ‘grow’ after a few months of regular practice, as their spine straightens. 

It helps to keep your joints healthy. 

It can reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety.

It can lower blood pressure. 

It can help with back pain and ease arthritis symptoms. 

It develops inner awareness. 

It can help with sleep issues. 

It is ideal to do during pregnancy.