For anyone who doesn’t know, Holsworthy has a wonderful amateur dramatics society, and its very own 250-seat theatre to house it. What an asset for the local community.

From 14th-16th September, the group is still running The Vicar of Dibley, which started last week. Opening night, to a packed house, was a real treat.

For anyone (like me) who found the show reasonably (but not hilariously) funny on television (starring Dawn French in the title role) it is much funnier live on stage.

If you can get a ticket, do, as it is a great feel-good night out. If you like to laugh (who doesn’t?) then it’s one for you.

With fabulous, convincingly comic acting, the key characters were as on TV, only better! As a commentator on Facebook said: there was nothing amateur about it.

Amy Clarke played the title role and made an excellent Geraldine Grainger, vicar, even down to the hair, while Hannah Cook was even more Alice Tinker than the late Emma Chambers who played the original TV role.

The Parish Council members (including every stereotype you can think of) were also spot on, with Lesley Wonnacott deserving a medal for maintaining her character’s inane grin throughout the performance.

The Vicar of Dibley  originally ran on BBC One from 10 November 1994 to 1 January 2007.

It is set in the fictional Oxfordshire village of Dibley, which is assigned a female vicar after changes allowing female ordination.

There have been Vicar of Dibley charity specials for Comic Relief, which is pertinent because all royalties from the play have been donated to Comic Relief.

HATS is known for its seriously good performances, but in these difficult times, how wonderful to have an uproarious comedy to enjoy and at a very reasonable price.