The south-west is now on an amber heat alert. Heat-Health Alerts are sent to the Chief Executive of every Health Trust provider of NHS commissioned care, Local Authority and Social Care Organisation in England.

It is in effect between 05/09/2023 at 12:00 and 10/09/2023 at 21:00.

This means that significant impacts are probable across the health and social care sector due to the high temperatures, including:

increase in mortality across the population likely, particularly in the 65+ age group or those with health conditions, but impacts may also be seen in younger age groups;

increased demand for remote health care services likely;

internal temperatures in care settings (hospitals and care homes) may exceed recommended threshold for clinical risk assessment;

impact on ability of services to be delivered due to heat effects on workforce possible and many indoor environments likely to be overheating, risk to vulnerable people living independently in community as well as in care settings;

medicines management issues;

staffing issues due to external factors (e.g. transport);

cross system demand for temporary AC capacity being exceeded possible and other sectors starting to be observe impacts (e.g., travel delays).