A fundraiser has been set up for the family of the teenage boy who fell from the cliffs recently in Bude, as reported here.

The 15-year-old boy suffered multiple broken bones and internal bleeding in the fall and was critical for a time. He is now in hospital in Bristol.

A Go Fund Me page, set up by Jodie Westlake, which has already raised £4535, says:

On Monday the 21st of August, tragically, Lewie, who is 15, fell from the cliff tops up by compass point in Bude.

After a valiant rescue from an amazing emergency services and air ambulance team, Lewie was rescued and taken to Derriford hospital in critical condition.

Lewie sustained many injuries, internal bleeding and many broken bones, including his neck, back, and hips.

After life saving surgery to stop the internal bleeding, which resulted in Lewie losing half of his kidney, Lewis’s condition became stable and he was transported to Bristol’s children’s hospital for further treatment.

Please, if you are in a position to, help this local family with travel and accommodation costs to ensure Lewie has the support he needs whilst he is recovering from this tragic accident. Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just a message of support. Please help support his family through this challenging time.

Lewie has a long road to recovery and is going to miss out on a lot of his carefree teenage life, including an upcoming family holiday that he was so excited for.

I’m hoping we can all rally, not only to help his family with the financial burden of travel and accommodation but to also give Lewie the opportunity to still be able to have the holiday he was so looking forward to and to make some new happy memories after this tragic event.

He really is our miraculous Lewie.

Photo is from: Daniel Dayment/SWNS/Go Fund Me