Artist, Nicola Hallman’s original painting, ‘Pip & Betty’ (below) featured late last year alongside the works of Grayson Perry in Birmingham. Previously, it had appeared on the Channel 4 show, ‘Grayson’s Art Club’.  

Personally, I love the beautiful body positive idea of an ageing couple still so physically engaged, and also enjoyed the fictional story Nicola displays alongside her characters.

Pip and Betty

During the ‘Love’ episode of ‘Grayson’s Art Show’, the painting was selected as one of Comedian Bill Bailey’s favourites pieces, too.

That’s how thought-provoking her artistic work is.

An emerging artist from the SW, Nicola currently has an exhibition at The Resurgence Centre in Hartland (Fore Street), Devon.

The exhibition takes place from 25th August – 15th September on Tuesday and Fridays only.

Do go along; you will be impressed, not least by the variety of work, and Nicola’s sense of line, contour and colour.

Her body images reminded me of a thermal heat map, and is a joyous celebration of the human body (especially female), whatever its shape.

On her website, Nicola writes:

Colour has always been the leading feature in my work, I have a fascination for the bright and bold, and a lure to colour combination, theory and mixing.

I base a lot of my pieces on body positivity and body acceptance, and I aim for my art to show how the human body, in whatever form it takes, holds immense beauty.  I love to use bold, vibrant colours in all my work, to help enhance and celebrate all the curves, bumps, folds & features.  I call my work ‘Body Joyous ‘.

I also love to include fictional side stories for my glorious, joyous bodies, with an element of humour and often a cheeky little plot!

One not to miss!