A local beach cleaner got more than she bargained for on Monday, 7th August, when doing her usual clean up.

Jodie Harper was doing her community and the environment a service by cleaning Upton Beach between Bude and Widemouth (a feat in itself, as it is hard to get to), when she happened upon a strange package. she later discovered it contained a kilogram of cocaine.

The questionable package was handed over to the police at Bude Police Station, once Jodie realised that it contained some kind of powder.

It is unlikely that Devon & Cornwall Police will get any takers for their suggestion that the owner comes forward to claim the lost item:

“If anyone believes that these drugs belongs to them and wishes to be reunited with the package, then please pop in to the nearest police station and make yourselves known to officers; we will do our best to assist you.” 

Wherever it has come from, it is now at least not going to hit the streets, so well done to Jodie, who has done everyone in Bude a favour.