For some years, I have been taken with the idea of natural burial, and indeed, while my own late parents underwent cremation and wider family funerals in their home city, their ashes were then interred closer to me, at Penlow.


They were both very intimate occasions, with just me there (my brother had pre-deceased them) spreading their ashes and sowing wild flower seeds. I was so pleased to be able to personally return the ashes of my Mum and Dad to the earth, resting close to each other, with trees to mark their tranquil forever home (as Sheridon Rosser of Atlantic Rest Natural Burial Ground would say) so I am able to pop along at regular intervals to ‘check up’ on them, and enjoy the environment they are in.

Now, a new service has been introduced at Penlow.

With the rise in popularity of direct cremations without a service at the crematorium, some families instead choose to have a sizeable family gathering when the ashes are interred at Penlow, as people still want to have somewhere tangible to go to to be able to say their goodbyes.

So, a new option has been introduced.

The private interment fee for ashes burial as I had with my parents is £150, but for those wanting a direct cremation ashes burial, where no service took place at the time of cremation and the main service takes place at Atlantic Rest, the fee is £300.

A full burial fee is £480.

Obviously, there is a plot fee to pay for all burials or interments, too, details of which are here. To my mind, this is still excellent value. Penlow remains a beautiful unspoiled natural resting place, which we are fortunate to have nearby.

Thanks to Sheridon and her family for the loving care they still pour into this lovely resting place.