The Bude Volunteer Bureau project is at Neetside every Monday, so yesterday, I took the opportunity to drop in and find out more. It is a wonderful new initiative to link organisations to people.

As the aim of the Bureau is to match anyone wishing to volunteer to a host of local groups who have volunteering opportunities, people are more likely to find something they enjoy and therefore to continue volunteering with their organisation/s of choice.

Any organisation needing volunteers can send their info to the project, which keeps a database of potential volunteers and tries to link them up to appropriate organisations/groups with shared interests.

The project is in its infancy so do get in touch to see how it can help you.

Neetside Community Centre – photo credit Dawn Robinson-Walsh

If you are looking to Volunteer OR need Volunteers, then pop in!

Its a win win for everyone! 😊

When: Mondays 10am – 2pm and the last Saturday of every month

Where: Neetside Community Centre