Cornwall resident Lizzie Matthews from Penzance has taken action over Cornwall Council’s new parking charges, to see if people power can have an effect. She says:

Please, everyone,  we need 5000 signatures to bring this back to the council.  Residents need affordable parking it is that simple.  This is about the welfare and wellbeing of Cornish residents.  

On her petition page, which aims to get 500 signatures and is already up to over 3,300, she says:

Cornwall Council have introduced new unaffordable car parking charges. 

Cornwall is a low wage economy.  The new fees are extortionate.  

Are our beaches to be preserved only for the wealthy to visit?  Cornish residents should be able to afford to take their children to beach.  It should be affordable to park and support the businesses in our towns. Workers need  cost effective parking which does not prohibit them from working. 

Please support this petition to demand Cornwall Council reinstate March 2023 parking prices for Cornish residents. 

To access the petition, click here.