There’s a mass Skinny Dip in BUDE on Sunday, June 25th, at 8.30am, with all proceeds going to the mental health charity, MIND.

The SW Skinny is a public ‘skinny dip, ‘chunky dunk’ or fancy-dress swim celebrating togetherness and the importance of camaraderie and moral support, all whilst raising money for Mind – the mental health charity.

With an option to camp together the night before the swim, at Efford Farm Campsite in Bude, the evening offers a chance to meet your fellow dippers, share experiences.

All bodies welcome, with no age limitations!

All manner of swim wear is also fine, from booted and suited to the adrenaline of stripping off and running into the waves “au natural” with friends. Whatever makes you feel OK.

For full details of the event please visit

The SW Skinny website says:

“There was a young lady from Bude,
Who went to the beach in a mood.
After getting undressed,
She was feeling less stressed.
You can’t beat a dip in the nude!”

(PB, inaugural dipper 2019!)

In total so far, this event has raised a staggering £6663 to support those in need (despite a couple of Covid years where the event had to be cancelled).

If you are going, sponsor info is on the website, or you can also sponsor here

Who’s up for going?

Website to book a ticket: Facebook: