From Devon & Cornwall Police:

Earlier this week, Devon & Cornwall Police’s rural affairs team rescued a 72-year-old vulnerable man stranded on Bodmin Moor, whilst on patrol in the new policing all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Equipped with binoculars and a thermal imager, the 4-wheel drive Kubota RTV all-terrain vehicle helped the police save a man’s life as they identified and located a member of the public stranded in a blanket bog in a remote area of Cornwall.

Chris Collins, Rural Affairs Officer of Devon & Cornwall Police said: “We were patrolling a remote area of the moor when we noticed a walker in the distance around 500 metres away; he disappeared from view for a considerable time which caused some concern. Using the thermal imager and binoculars on the ATV to check his welfare, we saw he was stuck in a blanket bog. We went to assist him and found a 72-year-old man cold, wet and exhausted having fallen several times and unable to extract himself. We were able to rescue him and transported him off the moor to safety”.

Police rescue vulnerable person on Bodmin Moor

Julie Dowton, Police Volunteer for Devon & Cornwall Police added: “One of the many reasons this ATV was chosen for Bodmin Moor is due to its environmental sensitivities. The Moor is 80 square miles and includes a variety of designations such as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which means it is of particular interest to science due to the rare species of fauna or flora and geological or physiological features.

“We need to do everything we can to protect and safeguard the ancient landscape and its surrounding communities, and the Kubota RTV barely leaves a footprint.”

Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly, said: “By their very nature remote areas such as Bodmin Moor can be challenging to police, and so I am pleased to help fund this all-terrain vehicle which will prove a vital tool in keeping rural communities safe from criminal activity, as well as helping to safeguard livestock and wildlife, and ensure the land is protected for the lawful use and enjoyment of everyone.”

Funding and support for the all-terrain vehicle has come fromThe Bodmin Moor Rural Crime Initiative, Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Saputo Dairy UK, Vision Zero, Citizens in Policing, and Devon & Cornwall Police. The Bodmin Moor Rural Crime Initiative is a partnership that includes representatives from agencies and groups such as the Association of Bodmin Moor Landowners and Bodmin Moor Commons Council, alongside numerous partners, such as, Natural England, Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service and Forestry England”.