Since 2015, 4,620 new apprenticeships have been created in North Cornwall as part of “the Conservative drive to improve skills and productivity in our economy”.

Each new apprenticeship helps students to develop their skills, improve their earnings, and establish long and successful careers.

As well as driving up the number of people boosting their skills through apprenticeships, the Government’s reforms are also improving the quality of apprenticeships. £2.3 billion of additional funding has been announced for 2023-24 and 2023-25 – with colleges that deliver skills and training getting the most focused support.

Alongside reforms to apprenticeships, the Conservative Government has introduced T-Levels and established twelve Institutes of Technology. T-Levels provide students with vocational options as rigorous and robust as A-Levels, whilst Institutes of Technology will be the pinnacle of technical training.

As collaborations between universities, colleges and, business they will specialise in delivering quality, higher level technical training in STEM subjects, opening the door highly skilled careers.

Commenting on the news, Scott Mann MP said:

Apprenticeships are fantastic ways for students to enter the world of work, helping them to build new skills and gain vital industry knowledge – all while being paid.

“I grew up in North Cornwall and know how important it is to improve local people’s life chances. I committed to improving local people’s life chances and this news shows me delivering on that promise.

Each new apprenticeship means another student building the skills and knowledge they need for a long and successful career”.

The Education Secretary Gillian Keegan added:

My apprenticeship was my golden ticket. It gave me a unique insight into how a business operated, from the shop floor to the boardroom. I learnt the skills that businesses truly value and it launched my career in international business.

“This National Apprenticeship week I hope more people learn about the incredible opportunities available in everything from engineering to healthcare. Whatever career goals you aspire to, they can be achieved through an apprenticeship which can take you all the way up to masters degree level”.