The Guardian recently reported on concerns about the coastline at Tintagel, and we all know that Bude is highly susceptible to coastal erosion, with Compass Point being a very obvious example.

The Bude Storm Tower on the cliff edge at Compass Point was meant to be moved back from the crumbling cliff edge in 2022. Delays have ensued but a contractor is now being sought for the Compass Point Project, with the hope that work to relocate the Storm Tower will begin this spring.

Yesterday, I popped to Sandymouth which is rather rocky at the moment, with the sandy beach hard to reach. What was shocking were the obvious signs of cliff fall erosion near the entrance to the beach. From the cliff path, it becomes even more stark.

Do be careful if near cliffs (at the base or above them) which are crumbling at the moment, because the scale and speed of the erosion is shocking.