According to the Council Tax database, there are 13,292 second homes registered in Cornwall, which is widely recognised as impacting negatively on the local housing market.

The proposed implementation of a premium on second homes follows changes to the current billing process which were announced in the Government’s Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill in May.

If the legislation is approved by Parliament before 1 April this year a 100% Council Tax premium for second homes could introduced from April 2024. The proposals, which were approved by the Cabinet last month, could be worth up to an additional £25 million in revenue for the authority each year.

The plans were introduced by Cllr David Harris, deputy leader of Cornwall Council and portfolio holder for resources.

In introducing the proposal, Councillor Harris added “ I am sure that some people will be trying to find ways to dodge this extra charge and I can assure you that I will be working with officers to look at every possible dodge and and how we block these.”

The resolution was approved unanimously by the council.

County Hall, Cornwall from Cornwall Council