From Cornwall Council:

You may know that this coming Monday – the third Monday in January – is known by many as ‘Blue Monday’.

It’s believed to be the most depressing day of the year thanks to the post-Christmas comedown many people feel and the financial stress that often goes with it, along with the cold weather, long nights and short, dark days.  

We want everyone in Cornwall to know there’s help available if they’re experiencing mental health difficulties – on Blue Monday and on every day of the year. 

It’s okay not to be okay and no one should have to suffer mental distress alone and in silence.

Cornwall Council and its partners across the health and social care system offer a range of services, schemes and materials that can help. 

These include:  
• 5 Ways to Wellbeing and other coping skills 
• Mental health support for children, young people and their parents
• Mental health training for workplaces through the Sound Doctor scheme
• The Orange Button suicide prevention scheme 
• a safety planning tool to help people thinking about self-harm or suicide to stay safe for now