Cornwall Live mentions plans by Cornwall Council to introduce new parking charges for its car parks. This is not unexpected, as it is also happening in neighbouring Devon and around the country as councils struggle to fund local services, but the new zonal system will impact certain areas particularly badly.

Currently, there are 120 different tariffs in place across Cornwall and there are proposals to simplify things by dividing the county in to zones.

Obviously, car parks in tourist hotspots like Bude will have higher charges under this system. Bude would come under Zone A in the new system, along with Widemouth Bay, and places like Port Isaac, Looe and Padstow.

Weirdly, places like St Ives and Falmouth would be in Zone B, while Launceston and Tintagel would be Zone C.

The proposed changes were considered by the council’s economic growth and development overview and scrutiny committee yesterday. There seems to be no obvious rationale for how different areas are placed in different zones.

Next step is to go for public consultation starting January 19th, then to the cabinet. If approved, the new charges would apply from April 1st, 2023.

New Bude & Beyond feels this could have a serious impact on local businesses because (also from Cornwall Live) Zone A charges would be:

£1.30 for 30 minutes (only in short stay car parks);

£2.20 for an hour;

£4.40 for two hours;

£5.50 for three hours;

£6.50 for four hours;

and £10 for all day (9am to 6pm).

Evenings will then be charged at £2.50 for 6pm to midnight.

In Bude, it is not as if trains and buses are much of an option, unless there are also plans to provide a new public transport service.

Let us know your thoughts, or better still, contact your Cornwall councillors.