Following all that peace on earth and goodwill to all men, today is Divorce Day, when miserable couples feeling the strain of Christmas begin to look at other options.

James Brienthe founder of Easy Online Divorce, has revealed that where you live could play a part in your divorce.

“Divorce Day sees family lawyers inundated with requests and enquiries about divorce as the stresses of the holidays hit, and cause tension between couples.

While divorce can happen for a number of reasons, the stresses caused by Christmas can be particularly challenging for couples, with the added financial pressure, hosting of families, and sourcing those hard-to-find gifts able to push any couple over the edge.  

However, research by James has revealed that, while today may be the day many couples look into a divorce, you might be more likely to be ringing up your local family lawyer depending on where you live.

Jame’s figures, covering divorces in the UK in 2021, paint a startling picture of the state of divorce in the UK, with certain counties seeing higher-than-average rates of divorce.

Leading the way with the highest rate of divorce is the South East with 1 in 67 men and 1 in 72 women getting a divorce – this pales in comparison to the North East which has the lowest rate of divorce with just 1 in 194 men and 1 in 211 women calling it quits in 2021.

This is drastically lower than the national average which stands at 1 in 84 for men and 1 in 89 for women, meaning places like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland may be the best place to tie the knot.

When it comes to counties, quiet rural areas like Somerset and Rutland are the worst for divorce, with couples 3-times more likely to get divorced than the national average.

You’re also twice as likely to get divorced if you live in areas such as Wiltshire, Lincolnshire or North Yorkshire.

To have the happiest marriage, James’ research seems to suggest that you should live in Cornwall, where couples are 4 times less likely to get divorced than the national average.

Meanwhile, areas like Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands are also a good option, with couples in these areas 3 times less likely to call it a day.

In South Derbyshire, Lincoln and Leicester, couples are 3-4 times more likely to call it quits.

When it comes to London, Hackney and Havering are the worst places to tie the knot, with your chances of divorce double that of the average person.