By Dawn Robinson-Walsh:

As we move closer to Christmas, New Bude & Beyond wishes all those who have paid the site a visit (and anyone else who knows us) a happy and healthy festive season, despite all the very real hardships many people are dealing with. May there be love and compassion.

When Bude & Beyond came to an end earlier in 2022, there were plans to possibly sell it (that failed) but no plans to revamp it.

The site had become too big, was taking up huge amounts of my time, especially the social media side, and I needed to focus my attention on other things that felt important, including supporting a close friend who died in December.

Did I regret stopping Bude & Beyond? No.

But, it was one person speaking to me on Summerleaze beach when the canal was nearly empty of water during the hot summer who wanted to raise awareness of the issue within the community and had no platform who caused a rethink.

That decided me: Bude & Beyond still had a function for the community. Nothing had quite replaced it.

With the help of IT Rob (Wilcox) it was possible to have a smaller website ; hence, New Bude & Beyond was born this winter.

Thanks to everyone who has read the articles, shared posts and followed us on social media (Instagram/Facebook) during our ‘soft launch’. It has been an uphill journey to start it all afresh, but it is a challenge that I relish.

In 2023, it would be wonderful if more members of the community wrote articles for the site, which was always the aim, but history tells me it is unlikely to happen. However, if you are interested, please get in touch and surprise me in a really wonderful way.

Personally, what I would like to do in 2023 is to get back to what I love doing, to meet and interview people who are doing something exceptional (not just free business promotion, as that is not my remit this time around) and give them ‘big up’ on the site, to promote their cause and find out what makes them tick (for free).

People who are helping others, who have a great community idea, those unsung heroes who make lives better, day in, day out; interesting people, you are wanted.

Any suggestions for individuals, please do get in touch … email

Once again, wishing you all a good Christmas and New Year. Here’s to a proactive New Year where we can all work together to make out locality even better and the world a far pleasanter place.