Much of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset looks set to be impacted by snow and ice through this evening and into tomorrow.

However, looking at the Met Office map, it seems that Bude and Hartland (previously badly affected) will miss the worst of it, with inland faring worst.

If you are travelling, Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth, Truro, Launceston and all points in between look likely to be adversely affected, especially when temperature plummet at night. However, the varying weather sites seem to be struggling to predict quite what is happening, as they keep changing. However, any rain/snow falling on ice is likely to be tricky.

The RAC says:

“With some parts of the country blanketed by snow and the rest of the country enduring sub-zero temperatures, drivers should only drive if conditions allow and they feel confident enough to do so, sticking to main routes where possible as these are more likely to be well gritted. Carry a blanket and a fully charged mobile phone in case of breakdown. Drivers should be prepared for extremely slippery conditions. Our advice is reduce speed and leave extra space behind the vehicle in front and drive in as high a gear as possible to minimise the chances of wheels spinning and brake gently to avoid skidding.

“It’s also vital that all tyres have plenty of tread and that vehicles are topped up with a good quality screen wash that protects down to well below zero so windscreens can always be kept clear.”

Things start improving weatherwise later in the week.