From Cornwall Council:

The Government and Cornwall Council have negotiated a proposed Devolution Deal (‘the Deal’). If it is accepted, Government would give additional powers and funding to Cornwall Council. The Deal would give Cornwall Council more funding to invest in Cornwall’s future, and more control over the decision-making that affects Cornwall’s residents and businesses.

The Government has set an important condition: if Cornwall Council is to receive more powers and funding, it needs to change the way the Council is governed, from the current system of a Council Leader, elected by the 87 Cornwall Councillors every year, to a Mayor directly elected by the people of Cornwall every four years.

Before the Deal can come into effect, Cornwall Council will need to decide whether to accept the Deal and agree to change its governance model from a Leader and Cabinet model to an elected Mayor and Cabinet model. Those two decisions are ‘two sides of the same coin’. The Government have made it clear that the Council will not be able to secure the proposed Deal if it doesn’t change its governance model.

There is a consultation document for people to read.

There is then also a consultation questionnaire.

Paper copies of the consultation document and questionnaire are available by calling 0300 1231 118 and at Library and Information Service points across Cornwall.

If you need this information in an another format or language please email: link) Telephone: 0300 1234 100