Animal Free Research produces a number of podcasts about the work of the charity and the people involved in raising funds for medical research that does not rely on experimentation on animals.

Bude’s Steph Jones-Giles is a keen fundraiser (and awareness-raiser) for this charity. In the podcast (link below), she thanks the people who work so hard with her in Bude’s Support Group which has raised £48,000 since its inception.

In the podcast, Steph is interviewed by Animal Free Research’s CEO, Carla Owen. It is a short podcast, and a great listen.

Here, Steph shares her passion for fundraising with Carla and explains why it is one of the best bits of her life. Steph explains her motivations for supporting the charity, her inspirational fundraising successes on animal free science, and how she engages with her community in Bude.

She also takes the opportunity to ‘Big Up Bude’.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or here.

Steph Jones-Giles