Martin Lewis has advised us all not to be taken in by Black Friday, and he has a point. Most of the stuff available in Black Friday sales are things we do not need or want, but we can be swept up in the search for a bargain, especially in these trying times, because households are struggling.

Martin’s sound advice is, if it is something you would have bought anyway, and you can save 50%, great. If you wouldn’t have bought it unless the price was reduced, you are wasting 100%. That said, Christmas is coming and people are under pressure to provide gifts for others as cheaply as possible. B & B totally gets that.

However, there are also some local businesses which are choosing to acknowledge Black Friday but to donate to charity instead. It won’t work for everyone, but if you are someone who has sufficient income not to seek out reduced Black Friday goods, or are sick of the whole consumerist concept and want greater sustainability in your buying choices, you might prefer to support these businesses instead.

Take Bude’s Rooted Ocean. Based at Efford Farm, their stated goal is to “Inspire a love of nature, surf and outdoor activity through the best quality, sustainable gear and apparel,” through British made, stylish, functional gear for land and sea adventures. They try to be as sustainable as possible and also offer a repair service for their brands.

They say:

Rooted Ocean has never been about mass consumerism.  As a makers & repairers brand we pride ourselves on supplying the best possible gear and equipment to people to inspire them to get outside.

This Black Friday, like the last few, we won’t be price slashing.  We don’t believe it’s conducive to our business or the protection of the planet.  
Instead, we’ll be donating the discounts we would have applied to the 2 Minute Foundation.

From 12am on the morning of 25th November to Midnight on Monday 28th November (Black Friday through Cyber Monday) we’ll be donating 15% from every sale to the Foundation. 

By supporting us, you are supporting them and our planet. If any other local businesses are doing anything similar, we are happy to give you a shout out.

Info and photos are from the Rooted Ocean website.