The joys of artificial intelligence (AI).

Holiday Rental Company My Favourite Cottages, with the help of AI, has reimagined the UK’s top tourist attractions according to one-star reviews, which is worth a share here not least because the Eden Project features on it (only 6% of their reviews are 1*, by the way). It seems someone will always be keen to get that worst photographic shot and offer some damaging negativity online!

AI was fed each attraction’s name, together with keywords from their worst TripAdvisor reviews. The rest was up to the tool.

Research shows that online reviews significantly impact travel decisions, with negative write-ups often putting visitors off.

So, what do the UK’s tourist attractions look like in the eyes of their harshest critics? Bad! But, in all honesty, having visited all of these except Giant’s Causeway, B & B’s advice is to do your own research, choose carefully when you visit, and look for the amazing in any of these places!

As the website says:

Whilst some of these images might look like the last place that you’d want to spend time at, there are also hundreds of positive reviews for every attraction listed – this is simply the worst-case scenario, as interpreted by a robot that’s never been thereremember that your words really can influence others (so, be kind!)