A grim warning for local farmers and smallholders about a very distressing event near Week St Mary.

This morning, a smallholder, Angela Blezard, discovered one of her fat lambs in a field had been slaughtered. The unfortunate lamb was skinned and butchered.

Lamb – not from the flock mentioned.

Angela, who understandably found the incident very distressing, explained:

“I’ve no idea why it happened. The field where the I found the carcass was well away from any roads or footpaths. It looks like, from the way the lamb had been skinned, that whoever did this either knew what they were doing or had at least done it before. I don’t think it had been there very long when I found it as there were no smells of any kind.

The lamb was in my field with a 43 other lambs. All of these lambs have been hand-raised by me. They are very tame and will come right up to you for a fuss and a cuddle. I just hope they didn’t suffer.”

The incident has been reported to the Police.