Now things are quieter for low season, it is easy to forget to be as vigilant as normally .

Police, however, say that cars are being targeted by thieves at beauty spots throughout Devon and Cornwall, with thousands of pounds worth of property stolen every year.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

So, Devon and Cornwall Police have issued some suggestions to keep your belongings safe.

To make it harder for thieves, please take all valuables with you when leaving your car even if for just a few minutes, including a trip to a car park loo.

If you intend walking, take a rucksack or bag which will accommodate all your valuables so they can be taken with you. Many victims of theft stash bags out of sight but they are still stolen.

Remember others parked in the car park can witness you placing your belongings under a seat or in the boot and very often tailgate window has been used to gain access to the boot.

Try where possible to use car parks that are busy as this will enable the vehicle to be watched as well as any offenders to be observed by other users.