Why Travelodges can be made to fit in with the local environment

I’m currently in Bath, amidst the beautiful honey-coloured Georgian buildings.

Today, I passed a Travelodge. It struck me how wonderfully this one fits in with its environment which just goes to show, it can be done! Just saying …


  • Bob. says:

    Yes, but the Bath Travelodge occupies a building which was already there, so obviously it fits in. The Bude proposal is a “new build”, out of character and and out of scale. Perhaps they’ could replicate the Art Deco design of the old cinema/bus depot….

  • Richard Hay says:

    How can a Travelodge benefit Bude? For decades independent hoteliers and guest houses have built a sky high reputation in Bude with top quality accommodation. The so called “big boys” move in and threaten to crush the very existence of those who have worked so hard, by undercutting and offering an inferior service. Premier is doing ever so well in Bude but mainly due to the amount of homeless people in there at anyone time (and yes paid for by you and me) Both travelodge and premier have doubtful policies and whereas they are bright and shiny at first, they soon fall victim to neglect and poor management.

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