Your Facebook comments on Bude Tunnel

Here’s a selection of your comments from Facebook (thanks to Isla once again for her lovely images):

Isla:  First of all I’ve never heard of this random guy, unlike BBC, ITV, Cornwall Live, etc., all of which have positive things to say about this glittery spectacle!

It’s fun, it’s quirky, it brings business to a small independent town.

The people moaning about the cost, I hope they never go to any light switch ons, equally moan at all city shops, high streets & people with a mad amount of lights.

Shops (like in London) spend millions on overnight lighting every single day.

I also hope they are not spending excess on food, presents & decorations for Xmas, but donating it all to the homeless, who are homeless & need help all year round, not just at Xmas, when people seem to suddenly think of them.

I’ve never seen Sainsbury’s so busy, or Bude high street, so Sainsbury’s probably have made a big chunk of the money spent back, they are a large corporate company, they could have done nothing with the money spent for the community.

Plus another bonus all the local small businesses have been busy with people coming to see the lights, hopefully, these small businesses, supporting their families have benefited as well.

Stop seeing the negative in everything not benefiting you personally.


Ian:  I hear 3 people crossed safely into another alternative universe just by walking through the tunnel of lights at precisely 19.03. The Sainsbury’s on ‘the other side’ had PG Tips half price …always a bonus when that happens.

Chris: Silliness is what keeps people young, the tunnel is great, a bit of fun for any age group. If it amazes or raises a laugh it can only be a good thing considering all the rubbish in the news.
Top marks to the organisers and for the people that moan about it, Bah Humbug!


Vicky: There are so many positive things going on in Bude. The community pulls together in so many ways. For those who are unable to travel to or cannot afford to visit Eden or various Santa train rides, the Tunnel has given us a festive treat. A huge thank you to all involved. Ignore the criticism.


Terri: Bude Tunnel is a huge positive in every way and those who made it happen deserve thanks for everything they’ve done. Fantastic!
Carol: Seeing the wonder and excitement on the children’s faces lights up the soul.
Ari: I can’t understand any negativity around it, to be honest, but there is always one isn’t there… I think Bude as a community is so strong and giving. I visited the food bank last week and was amazed by all of the volunteers there working hard to make sure everyone in Bude has a happy Christmas. So many other amazing worthwhile organisations/groups here too like ReFILL and FoBSP and Bude Animal Free Research etc.
Sue: Who would have thought the Tunnel would have brought so much pleasure?
It’s wonderfully amusing and brilliantly done. I love all the excitement and it’s giving most a lot of fun. I haven’t seen or heard any negatives on it myself and I personally love it. You’e right in the fact that we all need a bit of this, this time of year. It’s brill.


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