Your comments on the ‘Travelodge’ development proposal

Following on from yesterday’s decision by the Town Council to sustain their objection to the scale of the proposed build Ref PA19/01978 which is for:

Full Planning Permission and Conservation Area Consent for the demolition of existing buildings (already complete with due permissions) and the development of a 70/71 ned budget hotel, including bar and cafe, with car park and access works, on the site of the former Bus and Coach Depot, Lansdown Road, Bude.

here are a few of your comments from our Facebook page:

Shirley: Looks better than what was there and to say Bude won’t get any benefit… Jobs and more people coming because it will be cheaper than what the local hotels charge.

Sarah:  If the 15,000 or so people who live in Bude shopped and supported our town we would not be so reliant on tourism. Sadly as they do not, the shops, hotels b and bs, etc., all rely on what they make in the summer to see them through the winter. Time will tell how another hotel will affect the current ones.
The plans that are proposed are hardly aesthetically pleasing from what I’ve seen. It’s a large site that could be used for better things but will probably end up as a hotel regardless.

Oliver: Budget hotels like Travelodge employ very few people. The figures were quoted on the original planning application. The planning application has more than twice the number of rooms as it does parking spaces. Given we are not on a train line or regular bus service that holidaymakers use to get to the town it will mean even more pressure on parking for those of us that already live in the town centre and have to park here. Whilst I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of a hotel, none of their plans actually had any specific plans addressing sustainability. Not a tree in sight and a lot of concrete and tarmac to add to water runoff problems. What I had not realised is that Travelodge don’t actually own the site yet and this is being proposed to them by a developer.

Rachel: It should be something that would bring people into town all the time, some form of entertainment.

Alice: we went to a gig at Tavistock Wharf recently – a brilliant resource; art, cinema, music, film. Couldn’t fault them for customer service and facilities. Their website gives info on who owns/runs it. Would be great to have something similar in Bude. And NOT to compete with the existing local venues, just to compliment.

Pam: The Wharf is great, as is The Plough in Torrington. I think something like that would be fantastic for Bude

Jeni: Corporate budget hotels also kill off a lot of local hotels so costs more jobs than they bring in. Plus they are always ugly buildings, like giant offices/public toilets with better lighting …


Unfortunately, the Town Council was unable to afford the land to make it into a community facility – there is little doubt that the development in some form will be passed, but the town council is concerned about the current scale of it.

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