Your chance to comment on 30 dwellings proposed for Poughill

Validated on 14th September, planning application PA18/07352 requests outline planning permission with some matters reserved for land at Poughill Road Poughill Bude EX23 8PD. This is for:

A residential development comprising 30 dwellings (including affordable housing) and open space with all matters reserved except access. 

There are so far three public comments with one claiming that there has been no obvious public consultation in respect of this. Whatever your feelings, if this affects you, then do have your say.




  • S. Penny says:

    I am frankly amazed that this is even a consideration, the roads leading in and out of Poughill are busy at the best of times, let alone the summer. But really, who will be buying these houses? Who in reality can afford them? Certainly not the age group that needs them.
    Bude is changing and not I fear for the best.

  • D.W. of Poughill says:

    If it was really affordable homes and for local working families ONLY then it would be no problem.. but it will be as usual out of the average working persons bracket and they’ll probably big houses and before you know would of grown to over a hundred houses or more.

  • C.S says:

    What is happening to our beloved Bude? People come down here to see the countryside and sea, Bude is slowly getting worse and it’s being ruined with all the new housing developments which is ruining the countryside, not to mention the environment and wildlife. The question is, how far will it go? And when will it end?

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