Yoga for wellbeing – mind, body and soul…

By Claire Jennings:

“In modern times yoga has become an essential part of life’s toolbox.  Technology is our friend and foe, and stress and anxiety affect us all at any age. However, we do have a cure that will enable us to be more grounded and connected on the inside. “Yoga” an ancient practice and records date back to more than 2000 years ago. Even after all this time, the fundamental benefits of yoga are just as important now. The flowing practice enables us to become more present nourishing the mind body and soul.

Taking the first step to attend a class just once a week will give you the ability to be less focused on the “to-do list”.   The beauty of yoga practice is there are no expectations, no judgments, and with lots of emerging variations and styles, it’s available to people from all walks of life.

In the Western world, there are lots of styles to pick and choose from, but there are also lots of emerging fads such as ‘naked yoga’, ‘dog yoga’, ‘beer yoga’, and even ‘goat yoga’! I am sure there will be another new cliché to draw in more students. How about just Yoga?

When I was first introduced to yoga nearly 20 years ago I was a very active cyclist and I needed to stretch. More recently, it was to help with stress overload so I needed a more mindful practice.   Yoga is a cure for many of the problems we face during life both mentally and physically. To stretch, to breathe, to become less stressed, and to find some mind space. But most of all yoga gives you the ability to reconnect with who you really are on the inside.

All you need is a yoga mat, your body and some time. Come and try the tonic of life.”

Claire has been practising Hatha Yoga for over 20 years, and is now a 500-hour trained Yoga Teacher following a 2-year diploma with Devon school of yoga, and has established her own business “Krama Yoga” Claire teaches Chi Yoga. A Hatha based yoga practising connecting flowing movements seamlessly with the breath.

She has an established variety of weekly classes in Bude, Kilkhampton and Holsworthy, and yoga workshops and weekend breaks in Cornwall.   Claire also holds a diploma in Indian Head massage, and offers a holistic version incorporating the benefits of yoga therapy and relaxation.

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