Yesterday’s Events in Holsworthy

BannerThanks to Holsworthy Community School Headteacher, David Fitzsimmons, for replying to my query about events in Holsworthy yesterday. This is on the school website, and adds further information to yesterday’s report from the police, although that report suggested that no one wielding a knife was located:
At approx 11.40am, a Police Officer came onto site and instructed us to keep pupils in classrooms until further notice. 
They wished to apprehend a person carrying a knife. 
At about 13.30pm we received a message to say that they had arrested the person in question and after an extended lunch break pupils will return to normal lessons at 14.00pm.
At no time were any pupils or members of the school community at any risk of harm and we were more than happy to co-operate with the Police. 
The behaviour of the staff and pupils during the incident was exemplary. We can only hope that our German exchange visitors do not believe this is a regular occurrence in Holsworthy. 
This is the first time in my 30 years of teaching that I have experienced such an incident, but the procedures in place worked well.
Apologies if your child had a town note and was unable to leave the premises over lunchtime or to come home for lunch, but we had no alternative other than to keep them safe on site.
Really pleased to hear that the young people were kept safe and that the procedures, though unexpectedly tested, worked well. Well done Holsworthy Community College.

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