Year of the Pig – celebrate safely

If you are into Chinese New Year, you will be aware that we are approaching the Year of the Pig. I was born in a pig year so, for once, I’m paying attention. I’ve been reading about why the pig is the twelfth sign, and the explanations vary: one is that the pig overslept, so arrived late to the party, making only 12th place, another that a wolf destroyed the pig’s home, so the pig was again late.

Well, I feel a bit sorry for this pig but there are good aspects to the pig character. Conversely, it seems we pigs have a beautiful personality, are friendly, easy going and are blessed with good fortune, so that’s something to celebrate. We may not stand out in the crowd (yippee) but we are realistic, motivated, hard-working, and take action. Wow! So, we genuinely warm pigs have much to be pleased about.


Olichel / Pixabay

So much that we might be tempted to celebrate. Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. On Tuesday 5 February it will be the year of the Pig, so while celebrating it is important to ensure that all those enjoying themselves are safe from the risk of fire. Here’s some advice from Devon & Somerset Fire Service:


Many people will be celebrating at home – cooking while entertaining or relaxing with family or friends. It may be easy to be distracted and therefore make you more vulnerable to fire. Remember to ‘Look When You Cook’ as over 60% of accidental dwelling fires start in the kitchen.


Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service understand that the New Year festivities are very special to Chinese communities, as it is a period of good luck and starting afresh. By taking just a few simple precautions you can greatly reduce the risks for yourself and your family.


Follow our safety tips to celebrate safety:

  • Fit working smoke alarms on each floor level in your home. Consider buying an alarm with a ten-year battery; otherwise, change the battery every year alarm and regularly test your smoke alarm.
  •  At all times, keep flames from candles at a safe distance from curtains, furniture and decorations. Long hair and clothing are also very flammable. Keep the flame out of reach of children and animals.
  • Children should be supervised at all times near flames.
  • When cooking deep-fried food, dry it before you put it in the hot oil. If the oil starts to smoke, turn off the heat and leave the pan to cool. Never fill the pan more than one-third full of oil. Never throw water over the pan.
  • Turn off and unplug all electrical appliances unless they are designed to be left on – like your freezer or DVD for example.
  • Avoid overloading electrical sockets. Try to remember, one plug – one socket. If you must have more plugs connected always use a fused adaptor.

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