Writers welcome – new year, why not?

We are always keen to have new writers for Bude & Beyond. I ask every year but rarely get much response. However, I am stubborn, so will ask again because there is a good deal of expertise and skill out there.

If anyone wants to submit news they can quietly do so here.

Email is also an option: budeandbeyond@gmail.com – nothing is published without any typo correction, etc., so if you can’t spell, no problem!

We have 4 sections: local, Devon, magazine and local history which means we cover just about anything and everything.

What do we need? Everything, really …

If businesses are quiet during Tier 3, feel free to write about your business. We are happy to share.

Community groups involved in anything positive, do share.

If anyone wants to write anything regularly, we are up for that, too … do you know anything about Bude’s history?

Please share. are you an expert in health and wellbeing? Please share your tips.

Environmental concerns more your bag? Share with us and the, on average, 1028 people a day who read the website and many thousands more who engage with the social media we use.

Got a view? Share it.

Concerned about something – make it a collective concern.

Know some great walks? Please share.

Communication makes things happen, it makes you feel involved in something, while others benefit, too. Pictures are useful but not essential as we can source these.

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