Would you like the opportunity to learn Modern Calligraphy?

I’m delighted that my first Modern Calligraphy Workshop held in Launcells Parish Hall yesterday was a great success.  The feedback I had from those who attended has been very encouraging and I am so pleased that all 10 attendees want me to do a follow on workshop in the New Year.   Everyone was a complete beginner but their enthusiasm was really energising and definitely helped them to keep going through the learning process.  If you have never picked up a dip pen before and a pointed one at that or used pen and ink in any way it can seem daunting. As with any skill you learn, it is only through determination and practice that you will succeed and get the results you desire.  The fact that everyone went home inspired to continue their calligraphic journey was so positive; they all said they had enjoyed the session.  My personal thanks to everyone who came along yesterday; you all did so well!



Modern Calligraphy has become increasingly popular over the past decade and is less formal than the traditional hands such as Italic, Uncial and so on.  Traditional calligraphy involves ruling up accurate guidelines based on nib widths of broad edged or square nibs and can take years to achieve a reasonable level of ability.  Modern Calligraphy is less formal and you have more freedom, so you could even create your own script.  The individual letters do not have to be completely uniform, they are looser and you can inject your own personality in your writing.  The script is very decorative and looks fabulous on cards, posters, envelopes, art prints etc.  I have studied traditional calligraphy over a period of twenty years and I have found writing in this modern style very liberating and I love the way it looks!  Calligraphy is not the same as handwriting and how your handwriting looks has no bearing on whether you will be good at writing Modern Calligraphy.


Owing to demand,  I hope to be able to offer two workshops in the New Year, one will be a follow on for those who attended the first one and want to progress further and then a second ‘complete beginners’ workshop.  I already have a waiting list of those interested who could not attend yesterday’s session; numbers attending my workshops are restricted to 10.  If you would like to be kept informed/added to the waiting list for next year’s workshops (to be held most likely in February at the same location) then please contact me through my Facebook page.

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