Will you vote for the Gurney stove?

the Gurney stove has been short listed for ‘Object of the Year’ in the Cornwall Heritage Awards. The award is arguably the most significant, with the winning object being decided by public vote, the only category to do this. There will also be a lot of publicity surrounding the award, through Radio Cornwall and a feature in Cornwall today, as well as the Cornwall Museums Partnership website.
You can use this link to vote.  You can also register new votes on separate devices, if you have an ipad and a smartphone, for example.
The award is about an object that promotes Cornish heritage and still has an impact. As you all know, the design of the stove was way ahead of its time, and is still in use in some cathedrals and other buildings today.


  • Sue Smith says:

    This gurney stove is situated in The Castle in Bude. When I lived in this lovely town I was very interested in reading the history surrounding it. My friends and family who visited us also found it to be a fasinating part of. Cornish heritage. I believe the award is well deserved for bringing this bit of history to Cornwall.

  • Jon Adams says:

    There are still Gurney stoves in Chester Cathedral, although they have been converted to run as essentially giant radiators from another boiler.

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