Will you continue to wear a mask?

It looks as if mandatory Covid-19 restrictions are likely to end on 19th July, and people will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and that of others. Most of us will welcome some relaxation; however, as we all know, not everyone is responsible, as littering shows us.

Chris Whitty said he will continue to wear a mask. Professor Whitty said he will continue in crowded indoor spaces; if required to do so by ‘any competent authority’; and when doing so will make others feel more comfortable. He used the words ‘common courtesy’, something else many people are not good at. He was clear that the epidemic is still rising significantly, and we have to be aware that not everyone is vaccinated.

The impression gained was that individual businesses may decide to retain a mask requirement.

Tell us your thoughts on mask wearing (which may help explain why flu numbers were down last winter, too) and your rationale.

Currently, I’m with Chris Whitty, I think – and I like masks as little as anyone else!


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