Will there be more restrictions before Christmas?

A record 906,656 jabs were delivered in England yesterday – including over 830,000 boosters.

Despite this, the Health Secretary has refused to rule out more restrictions before Christmas, though he has also so far restated that it is an individual’s decision whether to attend Christmas parties, so there are some mixed messages. After the recent furore about previous ministerial transgressions during lockdowns, it would be hard to change that, really.

In London, Sadiq Khan announced a “major incident”. The Netherlands is on a month-long lockdown, Denmark has imposed tighter restrictions, and France and Germany have placed restrictions on UK travellers, so there are good indications of where this is going.

Further restrictions at some point look inevitable, not least because no one quite knows how Omicron works – there is uncertainty and also gaps in the data, as Javid acknowledges.

Sage has urged more stringent measures very soon, and has urged people to be careful about socialising before Christmas because of the rapid spread of Omicron.

Meanwhile, the Zoe app has shown over 120,000 daily cases, with London showing the largest rises. Nearly 1 in 20 people, according to their data (from self-reporting) in their twenties have Covid and 1 in 50 nationally.




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