Will proposed house building urbanise Bodmin?

Builders, Wainhomes, have submitted a controversial planning application for approximately 540 dwellings on land east of Halgavor Moor Farm, Bodmin. The applicant has applied for an environmental impact assessment.

The proposals involve the development of the site primarily for residential purposes incorporating in the region of 540 dwellings, along with public open space, landscaping, Sustainable Urban Drainage scheme and car parking. The application number is PA19/07346 but when I’ve tried looking the service is unavailable. CPRE calls it an attempt to urbanise Bodmin.



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  • James Trewin says:

    Strange use of the word ‘urbanise’ by CPRE. Urban Is defined as ‘in, relating to, or characteristic of a town’. Is Bodmin not a town? There’s a housing crisis and if we don’t extend existing towns where do we build? Cornwall does not have large areas of brownfield so we have to build high quality homes and create new inspired places to live. Unfortunately this is often not the case but with good design new development can be a positive addition to Cornwall. It just needs vision and the will from developers and planners alike.

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