Why we didn’t cover St George’s Day

I was questioned yesterday about why we had not covered St George’s Day on Bude & Beyond when people like Captain Tom are out there raising many millions for the NHS/his country. I did later attempt to make good by giving it a mention on social media, in the interval of Twelfth Night (freely given by the National Theatre on Shakespeare’s birthday, another lovely bit of patriotism/national effort and very well done; can recommend).

The real answer is that I ran out of time yesterday (I know, amazing) and prioritised other things. What I’m finding is that I am as busy as ever during lockdown, and yes, some of that is me taking a walk or time out for mental equilibrium, or working at my desk. I have to reiterate that Bude & Beyond is my voluntary work for the community, so it is not always number 1 in my life. Family, wellbeing, and being paid have to come first but i do still devote a lot of hours to it. Not sure why. It feels like I’m giving something back.

Writing about St George requires me to do some research, which takes time. That doesn’t mean I am anti-England, and as B & B is open to all contributions, anyone could have written a piece, but no one chose to spend their time that way, which means it wasn’t just me who didn’t.

Of course, we all are very much in awe of people like Captain Tom, and our frontline workers, but also I’m in awe of the backline folk still keeping things quietly going in the background, those working from home getting food out to supermarkets, for example.

So, onto St George. He was eastern Mediterranean(born in Turkey), thought to be an officer in the Roman army, not a knight, and was only recognised as the patron saint of England after the Reformation. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. He was a martyr, however, but never actually visited England. We are not the only country to celebrate him. You can find out all the things you didn’t know about him here.

Of course, what was really meant in the question was why did we not celebrate the English identity, and the good work done by many people for their country?

I think, to be fair, we have covered lots of items locally and nationally about the ongoing actions to tackle coronavirus, the good things that the people of Bude and area (and of many nationalities) are doing to help others, and keeping people up to date as much as we can. That is all year round, not just on one day.

Apologies indeed if anyone was inadvertently offended by my not raising the English flag yesterday. Here it is, a day late, but the sentiment doesn’t change, does it?

Oh, anf really, really anyone CAN write for Bude & Beyond, so if something is missing, please, please write! (link is top right button, submit your news – it doesn’t have to be news) or email budeandbeyond@gmail.com

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