Why the Grace Hopper cable laying was postponed

Thanks to Cllr Katie Goode for this info about the Grace Hopper cable laying:

Landing has been called off.


Despite it being rather calm, the tide isn’t with them and it’s trying to drag the cable up the coast.

This means they are going to have to drop the cable onto the bed and try and pick it up and close the beach sometime in September. Funny really, all the technology in the world and Mother Nature can still thwart human plans.


Maybe September is a better time; also post the main tourist season. Photos are by Katie.

This comment from reader Geraldine Pullin was added to our previous article:

Since seeing the debacle at the weekend, I have watched a YouTube video about the inner workings of this cable layer ship Responder. It has the most amazing technology on board with sophisticated systems which will reportedly cope with any hazards or mishaps whilst at sea. It seems an irony to me that there were some basic loopholes where local knowledge and input could have been of more use!

I wonder if the surfers or Surf Life Saving Club were consulted. They would have known about local riptides and eddies, rather than “getting in our way”; as was quoted, they could have advised.

What about the local fishermen and potters? They understand how the sand shifts around our shore. Were the local National Coast Watch approached for a very local inshore water weather report on wind speed and direction? Did our town council get the chance to advise against dragging the incoming cable across a crowded beach at the height of a staycation season, especially at a weekend?

It would seem that the high tech abilities of the ship fell short of coping with ripe tides and strong winds so the cable was drifting towards Earthquake and neither the manpower nor the machinery on the beach could persuade it otherwise! The dredger which was trying to dig a trench in which the cable could lie found the sand back filling before the cable came to rest! Hence the job was abandoned, until September I believe.

Mother Nature has still more power than all the modern gizmos which should have smoothed the way! Do hare your thoughts now I have learned to tick the button that says comments allowed! Technology hmn … human brain an issue, sometimes.




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