Why not be part of the Compass Point Project?

From Bude & Stratton Town Council:




Would you like to be part of The Compass Point Project?

We are looking for people in our community who have an interest in the project from any perspective to put a hand up and have an opportunity to be INVOLVED in a ONCE in a LIFETIME project for our community.

You might be interested in:

Local history, Heritage, Community engagement, Tourism, Ecology, Coastal Erosion, The Environment or just want to be part of something really special for our town.


To register an interest:

Message us on social media

Email at: office@bude-stratton.gov.uk

Pop into the office and let us take your details

We are getting close to the submission stage to the Heritage Lottery for the remaining funds required to undertake the project.

If successful, as part of this project we will be producing an excellent range of activities for the community to get involved with these will only be possible with your involvement and input.

Looking towards Compass Point across Summerleaze beach.

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