Why locals are concerned about the Upton dogs case

In sleepy Upton there lies a problem. In a small touring caravan, five dogs are left locked in day and night (let out twice a day briefly) in ridiculously high temperatures. Local residents have expressed concern for the state of the animals but, despite calls to the RSPCA, the Council and the Police, the dogs remain in situ.  The dogs have been there for around two months, according to neighbours. The caravan is thought not to have planning permission.

The dogs bark constantly on and off, throughout the day and night, often sounding distressed and sometimes angry, as if fighting. One resident has reported regularly hearing them howling at night, while other neighbours hear them throughout the night and during the day. The barking is disturbing a large majority of the neighbours along County Road and those on the junction of the coast road and County Road. The owners have been informed but have so far not acted.

Many neighbours have reported the dogs to the RSPCA, who last visited on Sat 23 June and advised they were issuing a notice for the dog- owners to move the dogs within 5 days. The RSPCA Officer also said she was taking away one of the dogs that day because it was biting/attacking the other dogs. The dogs are kept in appalling conditions. One is very old and has a distressingly large tumour on its side although the RSPCA advised a vet would probably not operate, due to the dog’s age. Local residents have been trying to tackle this from every angle to save the dogs from this heat and the terrible conditions they are being kept in.

Day three of the heatwave and still no result to safeguard these dogs. Tell us your thoughts.

Photo is not of any of the dogs concerned.





  • If two police officers could break in to a car with two dogs in distress because of the heat yesterday,26th June 2018 in York, ( see Daily Mail page 11) and the RSPCA have taken the dogs into care and have confirmed they are prosecuting the owners, I cannot see why these dogs have not been removed. Surely the RSPCA, police, council whereever they are in the country should have the same rules.
    It sickens me that nothing is being done.

  • Victoria McRitchie says:

    This is absolutely horrendous and upsetting…….WHY do people own dogs if this is the way they treat them……how would they like to be locked up that amount of time(which they should be) and BANNED from ever keeping pets for life…….!!!
    I truely hope that the authorities will act without haste to save these poor animals before its sadly too late…….!

  • Jake prior says:

    Disgusting the dogs are rarely visited. The RSPCA came out yesterday; the family knew they were coming so for the first time ever had the dogs out from the early hours waiting for the RSPCA inspection; the told the RSPCA that they are always checking up on the dogs. This isn’t true and the whole neighbourhood has proof of this in either a photo, diary or video form. This evidence has been offered to the RSPCA yet they have taken the landowners’ word, decided case closed and don’t want to see the evidence.

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