Why is petrol so expensive in Bude?

Went to put some petrol in my car in Bude this morning and spotted that prices were as high as ever.  I put £10 worth in and decided I’d fill up next time I’m in Bideford. Went online to do a price comparison, and Bude is stupidly high compared to other nearby places. We are paying premium prices in Bude for fuel. Why is that?


Esso  unleaded 129.9   diesel  134.9

Morrisons 130.9  134.9



Asda   unleaded  120.7    diesel  124.7

Morrisons Bideford 122.7    126.7

BP Bideford 126.9    130.9



Tesco unleaded 120.9  125.9

Co-Op  126.9   131.9

BP 129.9    131.9


If you can, vote with your feet (or your wheels) and stop paying over the odds for fuel in Bude!




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