Why can’t Harley go to school?

This is the tale of a young boy who is not in school.  Lizzie, the grandmother of Harley, contacted us. She says I am writing on behalf of my 6-year-old Grandson. These are Harley’s  and his grandmother’s words:

I’m still not in school and I will be 7 next January. The education system has failed me. I am hard work: I kick, punch, sometimes bite and swear. I don’t know why I do it. I must get angry and and my mind all jumbled up that makes me do it. Schools won’t take me and every day they rang up my Mummy, Daddy or Nanny to pick me up. Please help me get an education. I can write the letter H for Harley. 

What Harley’s grandmother tells us is that Harley lives in Bude with his Mum and little sister.  He started his education in Bridgerule Primary School but his needs were too much for the school. She explains: 
Harley then went to Bude primary school and started the term when he was five for a couple of hours a day until he was able to go a full day.
Unfortunately, that didn’t last as most days he had to be collected from school for not doing as he’s told or hitting and pushing other children.
He now goes with Take 2 Monday, Wednesday and Friday which is learning through play but they give Harley a choice. And of course Harley knows that.
Harley has not been diagnosed with anything, so hence no help. 
Perhaps one our local councillors or MP can help with this? Or are there any other organisations which can help with Harley? Ideas welcome, as it seems mainstream schooling is not working for him.


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