Who was St Piran?

According to legend,  St Piran was born in Ireland in the 6th century. As usual, factions of nobles did not like his miraculous deeds, so decided to get rid of him.

They put a millstone around his neck and threw him off the top of a high cliff into the sea. This would work on most people.

However, as Piran fell, lightning and thunder raged.  Once he reached the sea, the storm stopped and, in yet another miracle, St Piran floated on the millstone towards the Cornish shore.

After many days at sea, he safely landed on the beach that bears his name today – Perranporth.  He built his chapel in what is now a large expanse of sand dunes and it is said that his first converts were a fox, a badger and a boar.  The Cornish people flocked to see him as news of his teaching spread, which was Celtic Christianity.

St Piran’s flag is the national symbol of Cornwall, with the white cross on a black background said to signify the white tin coming out of the black ore and the light of truth shining in the darkness.

Every year on 5th March, people in Cornwall celebrate this day.


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