Where to buy writing paper in Bude?

When did you last write a letter? You know, a proper one. It’s probably been a while, not least because of the dearth of writing paper around. Yes, I know all the lack of time, busy lives issue, too!

Ryman Stationery sent out a press release recently, saying:

Writing letters is perhaps one of the most traditional forms of human communication, but an art that is sometimes disregarded in our modern world. With technology prowess at the forefront of contemporary life, penning a letter is something that we can often overlook, opting instead for the ease of a quick text or email. Despite the phenomenal pace of technological advances, it seems clear that we still value using pen and paper to say a hello, a thank you or tell news. Throughout all walks of life, traditional means can often outperform hi-tech gadgets and it is a method that we feel safe using. No software malfunctions, no need for information back-ups and ultimately, creative freedom.

And it seems that the rise in popularity towards penning traditional letters is rife amongst youngsters too. A report compiled by the National Literacy Trust finds that letter writing has risen in popularity, with 36.7% of children and young people now writing letters in their free time, compared to 28.9% in 2011.

Obviously, they are flogging nice pens and stationery which is their business, but for some years now I have struggled in Bude (and elsewhere) to find some decent paper on which to write letters, so that is my excuse for not writing so many, though I do aim to write one today. Everywhere I look, the paper is a little dull, or it is notelets (and notelets are simply for saying thank you, for there is no space for anything else).

So, if anywhere is Bude sells lovely notepaper (not at totally ridiculous prices) let me know for a free shout out on Bude & Beyond. I think we should all write more letters because it is satisfying for the giver and the receiver – think how little we would know about real life history without them.



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