When you don’t want a tick…

It’s that time of year. Walked in and found blood spotted around the floor. I was shocked by quite how much blood.

My Labrador had done some DIY tick removal! Ticks are a pain as they can lead to Lyme Disease. They are nasty creatures.

There is a tick surveillance scheme.  Both these links contain handy information on properly removing ticks, which are blood-sucking arthropods related to mites, spiders, and scorpions.

It is sensible to remove the whole creature as they are parasites that can transmit bacteria. This can be easier once they have sucked some blood, as they then engorge.  They bite and cling to both animals and humans, most coming from sheep.

They can cause serious problems and even death in lambs, and sheep. Whatever, they are vicious and need removing.

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