When ‘our Ray’ won gold for his ice cream

Excuse me sounding like the late Cilla Black, but recently, we ran a piece on B&B regarding Callestick Farm winning gold at the Taste of the West awards, and well done to them for that. However, our wonderful multi-talented Ray Boyd, the Bude local who supplies the local history images we use on the site, got there first in a way. Seeing the article made him a little nostalgic, so he told us about his golden ice cream days. There’s more to Ray than meets the eye. He explained:


A few years ago I was running a small (and I do mean small) organic ice cream factory in Liskeard, which was an off-shoot of an organic dairy farm at Egloskerry (near Launceston). Our brand name was Cornish Legend but we were officially Penheale Organic. After a couple of years trading, we had also won two Taste of the West Gold Awards, and a couple of Silvers, a Great Taste Awards Gold (the previous year, the winner of that award was Sainsbury’s) and a Soil Association category winner for ice cream.

One person did all of the following: Came up with the flavour concept, sourced and purchased all the ingredients, made the ice cream and filled the pots. No-one else had anything to do with the process. Guess who?

Ray says: I think the photo was taken in 2004 (might have been 2003) at the Duchy of Cornwall tenants’ tea at Lostwithiel castle.


This great business idea ended when the firm needed to take the next step up in expansion by automating some of the processes and the money wasn’t there. Bit of a shame.

Anyway, who knew Ray had been making ice cream for 35 years (dark horse)? Those new flavours look great – I love marmalade ice cream when I can get it – and ginger – nom!  OMG, he mentions rose petal – now I adore the taste and smell of rose, as anyone who knows me knows!  All organic, too. Brilliant – Ray is knowledgeable about so many things. And we are so glad he helps us with Bude & Beyond, too.

If you ever start making ice cream again, Ray, I’m first in line for tasting it!

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