When is butter not butter?

This was highlighted on someone’s Facebook page recently (I’ve stolen their photo to make their point more widely) and it is a subject that has long irritated me.

I can’t stand ‘butter’ being used in the title of this inferior stuff which I call ‘spread’. Alas, we don’t always have time to read the labels in supermarkets, but this ‘lush stuff’ from Morrison’s has palm oil in it, and it is NOT butter! It says it is a blend of butter and rapeseed on the front which is rather deceiving as, apparently, 62% of it is palm oil and rapeseed.

As a child, margarine was all the rage, especially because it was cheap (and probably nasty). My mother tried to con us all by using it on our bread, and my Dad and I would refuse to eat it. This blog tells us of the rise and fall of margarine. It is fascinating.

The upshot from my early years was that  I did not want to eat this inferior substance (would rather go without, actually) and time has shown that good old proper butter is actually better for us – indeed, any unadulterated food is better for us.

If you want oil, buy oil (olive oil can be delicious on tasty bread). If you want butter, go for butter. If you want this hybrid, then I’m not sure why…


This is the butter I used…

A bit OTT with the parsley in my lemon butter pasta




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